Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

I love reading food blogs. I always bookmark recipes I want to try and I almost never get around to trying them out. So I told myself that I would try to make at least one recipe a month from another blog instead of resorting to the endless cookbooks and online recipe sources. I picked this delicious recipe for Brownie Roll-Out Cookies from Patricia's blog, Technicolor Kitchen, and she got the recipe from Deb's blog, Smitten Kitchen. So this is kind of like a double whammy recipe-from-another-blog-recipe. I was attracted to these cookies because they look similar to a cookie my mom used to make for Christmas- they too were a basic chocolate dough made with cocoa (not melted chocolate) but my mom would form them into logs to chill them and then slice them like slice-and-bake cookies.
These are more fun than the ones my mom used to make because they are roll-out cookies and cookie cutters always make for a good time! I wanted to make these Halloween cookies or at least Fall pumpkins or something but I was house sitting this week for my aunt and all I could find in her kitchen were Christmas cutters and this heart shape. These really turned out nicely. They have a good, simple chocolate flavor and the dough is very easy to work with. I think I will roll them out a little thicker next time- and there certainly will be a next time!


Rosie said...

I have so many bookmarked recipes I want to try out too!

Your Brownie Roll-Out Cookies look divine!

Rosie x

Prudy said...

I want to try these! They look adorable.

Patricia Scarpin said...

They are adorable! I absolutely love it that you shaped them as hearts - so sweet!
I'm glad to hear you like the cookies, I like them a lot, too. Deb has many other recipes I'd love to tr.

Karen said...

Cookies look good... and hearts are always in season! :)