Quest for the Best: BUTTER Vs. MARGARINE

There are so many really good chocolate chip cookie recipes out there- who's to say which is the best? After all taste is a matter of preference. Even so, I have always wondered about how certain elements of the chocolate chip cookie can shape the recipe and make a person say to themselves, "this is the best chocolate chip cookie ever". So the more I thought about it the more I started to wonder about best ever recipes. That's when I decided to do a little mini-series on my blog called Quest for the Best. Every other week I'm going to try tweaking a particular ingredient or method using the same recipe and then do a blind taste test with my lovely family. Obviously the scientific method is sort of a bystander rather than a real participant in these quests because taste cannot really be measured. But, I can promise you it sure will be fun!

For the first Quest for the Best I chose BUTTER VS. MARGARINE. I used the ever popular and ,more importantly, very basic Nestlé Toll House recipe. Now this particular recipe does call for butter- and honestly I thought that there would be no contest between the two- after all, butter is what the pros use right? Well because I felt sort of bad for the margarine I decided I'd have my three taste testers choose between the two cookies in four categories: Crispiness, Chewiness, Appearance, and Taste/Flavor. Don't get me wrong- the Quest for the Best is all about the taste- and the winner of the taste is the real winner of the quest- but I figured it wouldn't hurt to look at a few other factors as well.

So here are the results
Crispiness: Margarine wins with 2 votes
Chewiness: Butter wins with 2 votes
Appearance: Butter wins with all 3 votes
Taste/Flavor : Butter wins with 2 votes

Honestly both types of fat produced a great chocolate chip cookie! Remarkably, the taste wasn't enormously different between the two. When I was trying to explain my Quest for the Best idea to my dad earlier today he agreed to participate in the experiment but warned me that he would definitely prefer the butter cookies- HA! he was the one who voted for the margarine in the taste/flavor category.

So congratulations butter, you are the winner of the first ever Quest for the Best! If anyone has any ideas for more Quest for the Best challenges please feel free to post a comment!

Next time on Quest for the Best: WALNUT VS. PINE NUT for best pesto ever!


Jaime said...

i love your idea of "quest for the best" :) i think we are all looking for the best choc chip cookie!

mikky said...

good luck to your quest... and i just have to say that your baby looks so adorable... :)

anudivya said...

I prefer butter for choc chips cookies... that buttery taste! Yum, nothing beats it.

First time here, and I like your blog.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Your Quest for the Best is a fantastic idea. I've always heard the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe was the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I guess with baking (and I'm not that great), I am a butter snob. Can't wait to see what else you quest for. I enjoyed browsing your blog, it's amazing and thank you for visiting mine! P.S. What part of NOLA "are ya at"?

Prudy said...

What a great idea. I especially love the shot with the two cookies on the paper with the tally marks. I loved your comment on my blog yesterday about small town life. Your life sounds pretty wonderful!

Rosie said...

Just love this idea and butter I agree has to rule.

Rosie x