TWD: Brioche Tart

Ok so I'm about to do some big time cheating. This week's Tuesday's with Dorie recipe was chosen by Denise of Chez Us- and it's actually called a Brioche Plum Tart...but as you can see from my wild picture, I used no plums. In fact, I just used the jam and almonds. I didn't put any fresh fruit on it at all- and that seems like cheating! So I got what all cheaters eventually get: poor results.

As you can see my tart puffed up into a full brioche because it lacked the weight of the fruit. The brioche was good but not great, I think this tart really needed the fruit to make it taste rich enough. That being said, I pretty much ate most of it by myself in two days... so it certainly wasn't bad tasting!

Ok now for some more cheating. I actually made the Katherine Hepburn Brownies that were selected by Lisa of Surviving Oz for last week's TWD. They were really delicious! I think I overbaked mine just a tad because I was so worried about them being underdone but they were still great! This is a thin, soft brownie that reminds me of the kind of brownies little old ladies often bring to church picnics except for the fact that they have a great little coffee and cinnamon undertone but really the chocolate flavor is extremely intense- so good! Anyway, I didn't get a picture of the brownies because they were seriously eaten very quickly! So there's my second cheat.

Now for my third cheat: I made the Perfect Party Cake selected by of two weeks ago! However, I don't have pictures of this one either because I baked the cakes, cooled them, split them, and leveled them and then I was forced to wrap them and freeze them (more on this later) so I have yet to frost this lovely cake! I did however taste the peices that I leveled off and they were delicious! I was really concerned because I haven't had a lot of luck with Dorie's layer cakes in the past but this one is truly wonderful- I can't wait to thaw it and frost it (I'll post pics when I do).

Ok, and finally, I also made the Roasted- Coconut Pinapple Dacquoise selected by Andrea of Andrea In the Kitchen THREE weeks ago... I know... pathetic that it took me this long to post about it- but at least I have pictures of this one. Let me tell you, this thing was phenomenal! It was terribly difficult to make. It took me an entire day to put it together! But wow! this is such a fancy, wonderful dessert- I would make this again for a very, very special occasion when I have a babysitter on hand! Honestly, this was like nothing I've ever made or tasted before!

So lastly, this is my excuse for all of the cheating:

That's right! I had my baby! And if you remember right, today was my scheduled c-section- but instead today my little Eloise Grace turned 2 weeks old! She ended up making her appearance at 37 weeks 1 day! She's a little bundle of joy and Helen Mae is a great big sister:

So, hopefully I'm back on track now!


Wandering Coyote said...

Congratulations on your little Eloise! I'm glad all is well!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous daughter. you don't need excuses or apologies for cheats, you had a baby. Congratulations!!

TeaLady said...

Well, I guess we will let your cheating pass - just this once.

The baby is beautiful.

The baked goods are beautiful.

Life is beautiful.

Great job - on ALL of it.

Tianne said...

CONGRATS! I love the name. too cute. how do you juggle 2 kids, school, baking...?

Bridget said...

Awww...and I love her name! Both of your girl's names actually! ♥