Magazine Mondays: Applesauce Cake

We got a teeny tiny taste of Fall last week- it only lasted about three days- but I made good use of the cool weather and took the babies on plenty of nice long walks. I also felt better about turning on my oven to make this delicious Applesauce Cake (recipe here) from Everyday Food. I love that magazine and I'm finally participating in Magazine Mondays a fun and relatively informal (I need all the flexibility I can get these days!) event hosted by Cream Puffs in Venice, a blog which I have followed for a very long time! . Anyway, this is an old magazine recipe from October 2005 which means that I must have gotten it back when I was in college and my life looked like this:

Don't worry, we didn't burn the whole forest down...I don't think... But seriously, about two months after this picture was taken (at my graduation party) I did this:

Then about nine months later I did this:

Sixteen months after that, I did this:

Now here I am with a three month old and 19 month old baking Applesauce Cakes out of old magazines that I kept telling myself to throw away and snapping hasty, out-of-focus pictures of them to upload to my sometimes interesting, sometimes bare bones blog. This is a delicious cake, easy to make, and perfect for welcoming Fall.


MansTouch said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe, it seems very delightful. I'll definitely try this at home.
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Wandering Coyote said...

This is a great post - I love it! The cake is lovely, but so is your little family! I can't believe your baking when you must be exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, I enjoyed your post :) Your cake looks fantastic. I've never baked a cake like this before but now I'm thinking I should give it a try :)

Velva said...

What a great blog post! SO many milestones! Beautiful.
You must live close to me-we enjoyed about 3 days of Fall and poof! It was gone :-)

I really enjoy warm comforting cakes such as your blog feature. A slice of applesauce cake and a glass of milk and life is good.

Anonymous said...

I have so many magazine recipes. Stacks and stacks. And I don't have kids.

The cake looks yummy and I like all the pictures.

Emily said...

Awww I loved this post! I think this cake looks SO good! And I just bought a jar of applesauce. Now I just need that pan...

creampuff said...

Wow! Talk about a busy year! This is a great post and the pics are all too funny and cute. And that cake ... I'm all over any kind of apple cake. Thanks for taking part!