TWD: Apple Apple Bread Pudding

Wow, I have been totally slacking with Tuesdays with Dorie! Don't get me wrong, I actually made both the Burnt Sugar Ice Cream and the Quick Classic Berry Tart and I even took pictures (not good pictures...) and then I just could not get a post up in time. I've been so insanely busy- May is always a wild month- but that's really no excuse. So last night after I put the girls to bed and whipped up a four layer chocolate cake for my brother Jordan's 23rd birthday, I decided that I had to make this Apple-Apple Bread Pudding and actually post on it! The thing is, I don't really like bread pudding so I wasn't too excited about this recipe. But you know what? I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, I still don't love the consistency of bread pudding, but the flavor was great. I used some homemade challah for this recipe and I think that really added to the success of this bread pudding.

The pudding is a layer of challah spread with apple butter topped with caramelized apples and another layer of challah spread with apple butter. A mixture of cream, milk, eggs, and egg yolks is then poured over the entire thing and is left to soak for about 30 minutes before being baked in a water bath. I think the chunks of caramelized apples really enhanced the texture of the bread pudding. Thanks Elizabeth of Cake or Death? for picking this very nice recipe.


Tia said...

omg your homemead challah looks AWESOME!!! i'm in awe of you girl! 2 kids and you have time to make CHALLAH? :)

Caroline said...

I too was pleasantly surprised. I am also not a big bread pudding fan but this was tasty.

TeaLady said...

A N'awlins girl who doesn't like Bread Pudding!!! Blasphemy!! ;)

Challah is beautiful. Fun bread to make isn't it?

Bread pudding looks lovely.

Alejandra said...

This look so good! I think my fiance would go crazy over this. He's a big BIG fan of bread pudding.