Baby's Gotta Eat!

When Helen Mae was first born I had already decided that I would really make a concerted effort to breastfeed... exclusively if I could. Well, if you aren't familiar with the first two or three weeks of breastfeeding I can sum them up for you in a few simple words: pain, exhaustion, frustration- however, if you can make it through those first few very difficult weeks the rest of the experience can be best described as: the easiest, cheapest, most convenient, and healthiest thing to do.

Fast forward six and a half months and I became so at ease and dare I say lazy about the simplicity of feeding my baby dewdrop with the simple unhooking of my nursing bra that I sort of lost track of time with starting solids. It was easy to add a cereal- mixed-with-a-little-breastmilk to the evening- but the time has really come to start vegetables and fruits. So start I did.

Last night I finally dragged myself to the grocery store and purchased two sweet potatoes, two yellow squash, and a small bag of carrots.

I washed them, peeled them, and then... played with them a bit

Then I chopped them... and played a bit more

That last one reminds me of myself trying to demonstrate how to open your mouth for the "airplane". Anyway, then i steamed each of the vegetables separately. I did the carrots for about ten minutes and the sweet potatoes and squash for about 15 minutes- I think the carrots probably could have gone a little longer to get them a bit softer. Finally I pureed them in the food processor- adding a bit of water to both the carrots and the sweet potatoes.

And ta-da! Baby food! Just like out of the jar- except way cheaper and without preservatives!

A trio of delights!

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