Well. Here I am. Posting my first post ever on my first ( well sort of first ) blog ever. I want this to be a mostly food blog with soft floral undertones of my quotidian adventures- ha! Honestly, God knows why I'm creating this blog or how much I'll be able to do with it. All I do know is that I usually have about an hour and a half each morning while sweet Helen Mae sleeps to do something- and by something, I mean something that I can do without leaving the bed so that my little gumdrop doesn't roll onto the floor during her nap (yes, she sleeps in our bed not a crib- but more on that later). SOOO this is it- we'll see what it becomes or how soon it disappears or if anyone ever even stops by to read it at all!

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Emiline said...

Hi Emily. My name is Emily too, and I'm 23.

Good luck with your blog!