Delectable Plum...Nectarine? Galette

I found this beautiful fruit while at Sam's Club the other day. I thought they were plums- but then decided they might be too big and not quite dark enough to be plums. So then my mom suggested that they might be nectarines- so we did a google search and found that plums are in the same family as nectarines, peaches (no surprise) and...almonds. I guess that makes sense because the pit found in the center of stone fruit looks a lot like an almond. Anyway, I am still unsure about what these lovely fruit are- but they are delicious.

I found this recipe on one of my favorite blogs: Cream Puffs in Venice. Her galette is about 400 times prettier than mine- but mine did turn out tasty. I had never worked with pâte brisée, which uses butter instead of shortening. It is definitely more temperamental than my old standard pie crust recipe- but the taste was delicious- it ends up being more like a shortbread cookie than a pie crust. Anyway thank you Ivonne for this lovely recipe!


Emiline said...

Sounds delicious!

I think those are pluots. A cross between a plum and a nectarine. They're actually sweeter than plums.

Rosie said...

Looks delicious and plumbs are so in season at the moment here in the uk. A must try bake :)

Rosie x

creampuff said...

Your ADORABLE child makes up for any non-cuteness anywhere else. And I think your plum galette looks gorgeous ... I'd eat it no problem!

Anonymous said...

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