Doberge Cake

I really wish that I could tell you all about the joys and delights of baking a beautiful Doberge Cake for my sister's birthday... but I must humbly admit that I have never baked a Doberge on my own. I thought I'd share it with you anyway, because it is a traditional New Orleans cake and being a New Orleans gal- I feel the need to expound endlessly on the many joys of our rich cultural heritage. So anyway, I know that my family has always ordered our Doberge from Gambino's Bakery for every special occasion- from birthdays, to baptisms, to graduations- this rich and decadent dessert is always a must. The cake is not anything particularly unusual- it consists of six layers of a rather dense white cake with a pudding-like filing sandwiched between each layer. The cake is then frosted with white or chocolate buttercream and a glaze is poured over the buttercream. This beauty is all chocolate- but when my big fat Italian family gets together we almost always order a half lemon- half chocolate cake so that everyone's tastes will be satisfied. You can also find the cake in caramel- although I don't remember us ever getting one- I'm sure they are delicious. New Orleans Magazine ran this article earlier this summer about the history of this multi-layered treat.

I have recently obtained a recipe for this cake and I plan on trying it out later in the Fall even though my father told me that it won't be worth the work since we already know that Gambino's makes such a perfect cake- stay tuned to see what happens!


Emiline said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Good luck to you!

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow - I've never heard of a Doberge cake, but it sounds easy enough to replicate. I hope you do bake it this fall and post the results!

Bridget said...

Wow....that cake looks delicious! I think I am gaining 5 pounds just looking at it! :)

Rosie said...

WOW oh WOW that Doberge cake looks awesome!! What I'd do for a slice of that cake now mmmmmm

Rosie x