French Fridays with Dorie!! Gougeres!

Yay!! The very first French Fridays with Dorie is finally here! This new, wonderful group will be cooking through Dorie Greenspan's brand new book Around my French Table and posting our results each Friday. I am so excited because I really don't know much about French cooking and I know this group is going to do for my cooking what Tuesdays with Dorie did for my baking. Please take a chance to check out the marvelous French Fridays with Dorie website and since there is no participation requirement, feel free to join the group even if you can only cook along from time to time!

The October recipes were chosen by Dorie Greenspan herself and the first one up was gougeres. Gougeres are basically little cheese puffs! I was a little worried because I've never made pate a choux before but it is really simple! Butter, water, and milk are brought to a boil in a saucepan then flour is whisked in for about a minute and a half over medium heat, after a brief cooling time in the mixer bowl, eggs and cheese are beat into the dough and the dough is spooned out onto a sheet and baked up. I used a tablespoon to scoop the dough and it seems to be the ideal size because they puffed to a golden perfection in exactly 24 minutes! My only mistake was that I completely forgot the salt! I used a sharp cheddar for the cheese so the flavor is still relatively strong but I think the salt would have made these absolutely perfect. I baked 9 puffs and froze the rest for later. I can't wait to try these with all types of different cheeses! Very impressive looking for a pretty minimal effort!


Cristine said...

These sure were fantastic! Yours look great!

Nicole said...

Wow, yours really puffed up!

TeaLady said...

This was the first time my puff actually worked. And they were pretty tasty.

Fun to see so many TWDers in the group. Going to a great experience.

Gougeres look perfect.

lola said...

I am glad you enjoyed this classic french recipe - yours look great. It is fun to be a part of another group - many from TWD.

Jayne said...

Your gougeres look lovely!